Women's sweat-lodge journey and medicine walk.

With Fiona Shaw


portrait of Fiona


This is an initiation journey of reclamation and pledging our love and service for the Earth.

This is a journey of remembering, honouring and surrendering.

It is a journey of gratitude and reciprocity.

This is a journey to celebrate life and all we come into connection with.

This is a journey of initiation through the rites of passage of our lives as women.

Through the doorway of Birth, Menarche, Mother and Crone, we reclaim life.

During this time together we will sit in circle, pray, dream deeply, immerse in the land,

feast, and honour the earth and our responsibility to her.



The Flow of the Four Ceremonies

For the first three gatherings we will meet in the house of the stone people, to sweat

and release all that we need to lay down.

In the lodge we will sing to the grandparents, asking for help to remember and surrender.

The three temescals are an opportunity to heal old stories and clear the way forward.

We use this opportunity to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.

Prayer bundle.

We will make a prayer bundle on this journey.

A beautiful mobile altar full of offerings in gratitude for what is being laid  down,

and to affirm what we our retrieving.

 After each temescal we will add to this bundle.


The final gathering is a celebratory day of ritual, lifting our prayers up with song

while we walk ourselves home in beauty.

Travelling across Dartmoor, in a walking prayer, accompanied by the sacred medicine,

we will be recapitulating our life story and giving things of beauty to the land.

We will return for our final temescal,  and complete journey with a blessing of our bundles

and a  pledge of service to the Mother Earth.

Then celebrate and feast!

sweatlodge fire


July 5th - Temescal 1. 

July 26th - Temescal 2.

August 9th - Temescal 3.

August 23rd - All day Medicine walk, and final Temescal.



The temescals will begin at 6pm and go on until late.

(There is the possibility of camping on the land for those coming from afar)

The final day will begin around 10.00am.


Once places have been allocated this will be a closed group and you are asked to commit to all four dates.



Journey Pricing

The exchange for the whole journey is £450

This includes:-

The first three Temescals (sweatlodge).

The final all-day medicine walk and sweatlodge.

To book a place requires a deposit of 50% of your exchange (£225).

There are 2 concessionary places for £350. Contact Fiona directly to apply.

mamma bear is sung int the sweartlodge
image -Dorrie Joy.

                                               Contact Details

                    To be in touch with Fiona directly about any personal matters email fionashaw@unveilingbirth.co.uk

For all other enquiries and booking  contact frpgatherings@gmail.com