The Sweat lodge




The sweat lodge, otherwise known as Temezcal or Inipi, is  an ancient sacred ceremony of purification. Whilst it has been preserved by the First Nation People, the healing sauna can be found in most traditional paths.

Through the lineage I work with, it is understood that in the Temezcal we return to the womb of the Mother Earth, where we can have the experience of being deeply held. During these ceremonies people often have visions, or memories that bring healing, receive inspiration, guidance and purification.

I use the Temezcal ceremony on it’s own, as part of rite of passage ceremonies, and as part of weekend ceremonial retreats.

The Temezcal is a bender made of willow and covered with blankets, which creates a dark ‘womb’ like space. Stones are collected for the purpose of ceremony, and we call them ‘grandfathers’ and grandmothers’ because they represent the wisdom of all time. We heat the grandparents in the fire and when they are glowing red carry them in to the Temezcal. In the dark womb we say prayers, sing songs and place herbs and pour water on to the stones.








This ceremony is open to all people of all creeds -adults and children. Songs and prayers form all traditions are welcome.


This is a powerful healing ceremony. A beautify way to celebrate and feel gratitude for life, call for help and healing, and feel more deeply connected with nature and the elements.




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