Rites of passage

                                             Rites of passage weave through our lives from birth to death.

I have a foot in each world, and am guardian of the threshold between the worlds, welcoming and celebrating life as well               as grieving and honouring the life that was. 

Through ceremony and ritual we  mark the seasons, honour our ancestors, and celebrate the ordinary and extra-ordinairy moments in our lives, within our communities. This gives us a deeper sense of belonging and connection.

In a culture disconnected from the Sacred, many people have lost confidence in their capacity to make meaningful rituals and ceremony, and look to others to lead the way or give permission. 

rose petal offering



                                I feel now is the time to dream and make a stand for how we want to live our lives.

                         I can guide and support you to create meaningful rites of passage, rituals and ceremonies.


sacred nature