Women's journeying group


Path to wards the light


Welcome to the journeying group-an opportunity for deep connection.


We are in a time of collective and personal disconnect from what nourishes and inspires us - the source of life. The systems, within which we are all deeply woven, collude to keep us dis-connected with false promises that leave us empty and wanting, anxious, depressed and isolated.


The journey aims to bring us back to a sense of belonging and connection which is essential for health and well being.


This is a journey of re-membering -our authentic voice and expression, re-membering lost and abandoned parts of ourselves. It is both a personal and transpersonal work of soul recovery, healing and empowerment. It is a journey of

 grief, sorrow, rage, despair, beauty, creativity, joy, peace, forgiveness, and acceptance 


This is a journey to support our desire to live fully. 


There will be one group on the Saturday and 2nd group on the Sunday.


Next group starts:-





February 10/11 

March 16/17 

April 20/21 

May 11/12


July 13/14 - Fire ceremony

August 3/4 - Night quest on Dartmoor

August 31/1st Sept

October 19/20 

November 16/17

Dec 7/8

Jan  18/19 2025








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The women's journeying group has a one-year cycle, but can also progress to two years for those who want to go deeper into the work. It is a closed group of no more than 8 which allows for deep interaction, intimacy and sharing.

The purpose of the group is to open more fully to inner knowing, higher self, and all that guides and supports us. To. develop and imbed tools which can help us to be emotionally fluid and resilient; and bring healing to aspects of ourselves that prevent us from feeling connected and living authentic lives.

Often we have a sense that we are being authentic, but we know that there is something missing. As we journey into these feelings there are many valid reasons that we have learnt to hide, protect, shut ourselves down or defend ourselves. This however, can leave us with a feeling of being 'dis-connected'. These behaviour’s become outdated in time, and can get in the way of our connection to the source of life, and to our capacity to have truly meaningful and deep relationships with all beings.

In order to access some of these wounded places, and the stories we carry, safety is paramount. The journey and the energy of the group provides the possibility of experiencing how it is to be held, and witnessed. For some women it is the first time aspects of themselves have ever been witnessed, which can be transformative in itself. Through practices and tools, we learn to embody that holding and witnessing for ourselves.

As a part of that journey we are inevitably confronted with all that contradicts our highest expression - the places of hurt, anger, rage, grief, despair, longing, abandonment, loss, and all that makes us human. It is not our purpose to get rid of these places, but to befriend, witness and eventually learn to hold ourselves fully, so that we are in an empowered place, at the centre of our being, co-creating our own lives.

In the group we use shamanic tools- journeying, ceremony, movement and questing as well as processing tools. It is deep soul work, and a mixture and culmination of all that Fiona has used and worked with in her life journey to date.

Format for the year.

You will have an individual session and a group meeting once a month. Over the year the group meetings will include one fire ceremony, and a 'night out' questing on the land.

Prior to joining the course you will be required to have had at least 2 individual sessions with Fiona. 

Financial contribution

This can be paid in full in advance, or monthly. 

£200.00 per calendar month which covers a one to one session with Fiona and one group day.

Or you can pay for the year in full at a discounted rate of :-




(By joining the group you commit to paying for a group and a session per month, even if for whatever reason you have to miss a group or session).

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Testimonials from previous group




Like a mother to the lost and broken parts. Calling us back towards wholeness. Offering compassion where none has gone before. Seeing, seeing, seeing in the dark through the shadows and walking back to the light. Walking us all back to the light.

So strong. So strong, it makes me stronger. Revealing her vulnerability so we can reveal ours. What a relief! Helping us to hold less, breathe deeper, feel safe. Healer of the lost ones holding our hands, standing behind us. Standing for women, for mothers, for the new ones coming in. Standing in truth.

                                                                                                                                                         Emily Katsuna.







How does the mighty tree become all that it is?

The buzzard as it circles in the crystal blue.

Thank you for seeing the fullness and beauty in all of us and 

Calling it forth tenderly, fiercely, again and again.

Nothing too big or too small,

Tracing the waymarkers,

Stalking the storylines,

Travelling far through time and other realms

And remaining firmly, mundanely and sacredly planted

In the messy raw perfection of

Blood, bone, breath and tears.

You have held our fire and prayers

Carried the thread of home and love

Dancing with us along the tidelines of agony, heartache, the sweet wash of love

Carrying the cold water of a deep, sea baptism

The grief songs

The mystery songs,

The tragic and triumphant songs of survival.

Thank you for all that you are.

I pray that you always feel held by the greatest love,

And I pray for this work

That woven keep unlocking themselves, ever more allowing the flow of feeling

Of experiencing

Of healing what was and what is,

Weaving a future of heart and wisdom.

                                                                                 Elizabeth Crawford




journey in the light





'In my work with Fiona I have learnt to acknowledge and express some of my deepest wounding…stories of my life have been validated, so that now I can move on.'


'To experience feelings of shame and guilt, lack of self-worth and fear are difficult places to bear, but with Fiona’s compassion, guidance, support, understanding and love I always felt safe and held.'

'Fiona has led me to places of inner knowing and truth. It is a profoundly humbling journey of self -discovery.'

'Fiona -Your profound holding of the group, deep understanding, encouragement and extraordinary empathy allows me to experience what my body chooses to express.



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